Daily Destinations Around Mallorca

Alaró & Pollença

Points of Interest:

Alaró: Below are many views of Castillo de Alaro that was built by the island's Christian inhabitants to ward off invasions from pirates. Also featured is the town's Saturday market in the town square

Pollença: This town was founded by the Catalans in the 13th century. A major highlight is the Calvary steps, 365-step stairway north of the square; this leads up to a chapel on top of the hill known as Calvary

Sóller & Port de Sóller

Points of Interest:

Soller: The tren de Soller, also called "Vitamin C Express, " connects the valley of Soller to the capitol Palma. At one time a vital trade route now serves as a scenic route for tourists while they ride the wooden railway cars. 

Port de Soller: Situated in a horseshoe harbor surrounded by the Tramuntana Mountains this village is stunning from all angles.