Artsakh: A journey to the "Mountainous Black Garden"

We recently returned from a 4 day excursion to Nagorno-Karabakh (often known locally as Artsakh) which is a disputed territory between Armenia and Azerbaijan whose independence is currently unrecognized around the world. Artsakh, though filled with constant reminders of the war of 1991-1994, is home to some of the proudest, most selfless people who opened up their arms, homes, and dining rooms to help educate, house, and feed our large group of volunteers.

We rose our glasses along with our 50 worldly, dynamic, and intelligent fellow volunteers as we listened to their toasts said in Spanish, Russian, German, English, French, Farsi, and Armenian. 

It is difficult enough at the end of the day to eloquently put words and thoughts to summarize visiting the epic beauty and mind boggling historic sights of Armenia; however, it is the countless small moments of sharing languages, foods, and memories that are both known and foreign to us that has helped truly define how incredible our first month in Armenia has been.