Genocide Remembrance Day: 4.24.15

The ability to summarize all of the sights, sounds, and feelings of our experience on the night march to the Genocide Memorial (Tsitsernakaberd) in Yerevan is honestly impossible.

The candlelit march began in Republic Square  and continued for over 5 miles filled with chants, music, intense camaraderie and pride. We arrived over three hours later to lay flowers atop a pile over 6 feet high in an atmosphere enveloped in an unprecedented sea of honor, sadness, and remembrance. To share this commemoration with over 100,000 strangers as well as dozens of friends only added to the immensity and importance of this experience. The evening will truly be one we will never forget.

Preserving Memories 

The Foundation for the Protection of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (also known as SunChild) recycles the flowers placed at the memorial every April 24th. This year we joined Birthright Armenia & AVC in the volunteer efforts by sorting through the flowers- flower petals are separated, dried and then used to make paper while the stems are composted for use on the memorial grounds.